As many regular readers are aware, I have a big interest in the local parish where I grew up: St. Budeaux in Plymouth, Devon. A quick glance at the ‘St. Budeaux’ tag on my site will reveal the following posts:

The thing is, there is plenty of more material and information to upload that I have found, researched, and stumbled upon over the years; much more than can be held on this site. And so, even though I outlined a new challenge to myself earlier this month (to get my podcast series fully up and running), I seem to have added a second target: to establish a new site for all things related to the history of St. Budeaux. It will be under a simple enough name: The St. Budeaux History Archive.

So, if you would like to find out more about this local area, then come on across and follow the page. And if you have absolutely zero interest in St. Budeaux, I will do my best to not hold it against you!